Custom Painted Lures
What the pros use to have the winning edge
These are premium custom painted baits you want to start the tournament with, featuring a realistic profile, #4 VMC 2X strong Ultra Sharp trebles,  3D, 3-color Ultra eyes, and an ultra durable 2-part epoxy clear coat.  Creative use of iridescence and pearlescent paint with "Gem Dust" gives this bait a life-like appearance.  Photos don't really show all of the highlights of this custom painted lure.
The 6th Sense  square bill custom painted crankbaits are designed for crashing thick shallow cover,  cranking rocks, or just burning in open water for larger finicky fish. Fitted with sharp VMC black nickel hooks and oval split rings, these crankbaits simply catch more fish. A premium paint scheme with realistic 3-D gill plates, 3-D eyes, and 3-D scales really brings the  baits to life.
These custom painted lures are the same high quality lures that we custom paint except these are painted by the factory to our specifications high qaulity paints and clear coats are used on these lures they come with premium black nickel hooks and stainless steel split rings and oval ring for line tie
These custom painted lures will put fish in the live well with quickness! Featuring  an Ultra tough clear epoxy coating, 3D, 3-color Ultra eyes,  Ultra Sharp 5/0 Owner hook with a custom weed guard for perfect hook-ups every time, and it's hand tied so the skirt will never pull down.Sump’n Sump’n Jigs consistently strives to give our fellow anglers a definitive edge on the water. We provide the best color lures in the hottest colors.
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